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Volumetric figures

Production of three-dimensional figures, fiberglass products. The masters of the OMI studio will produce to order three-dimensional plastic figures, three-dimensional foam figures, three-dimensional plastic sculptures, three-dimensional 3D figures, three-dimensional and flat plastic inscriptions and letters of any size and any complexity.

The production of figures from fiberglass can be cast and composite from a different number of parts, depending on the purpose, movable (hinge) and stationary.

Volume shapes

There are various techniques for making three-dimensional plastic figures: casting, 3D printing, sculpting, cutting and post-forming (bending under the influence of temperatures). If this is not a cast product, then the next step is to assemble the parts - gluing or connecting with hinges. The next stage is auto painting or manual painting, applying a protective coating. As already mentioned, the production of volumetric plastic figures is a labor-intensive and multi-operational process, depending on the complexity and detail of the order and the availability of molds in the workshop, it takes from 1 day to several weeks. Three-dimensional plastic cartoon characters and three-dimensional plastic advertising characters to order are popular today.

Volume shapes

The specialists of the OMI studio are engaged in the production of three-dimensional figures and fiberglass products, both individual and mass production, the price of a three-dimensional plastic figure is determined based on the complexity, size and volume of the order. We work with customers from all over Ukraine, Europe and the CIS.


Volume shapes. Production of volumetric figures to order

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