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Facade painting

One of the areas of activity of the masters of the OMI studio is artistic painting of facades, painting of the facades of private houses, drawings on the walls of houses, artistic painting of house facades, artistic painting of store facades, artistic painting of boutique walls, artistic painting of kindergarten facades, painting of schools , hospitals, administrative buildings. This type of art can be compared to painting a large-scale painting. The only difference is that when performing the work, the artist must take into account the surrounding landscape, which, one might say, acts as a frame for the picture. The artistic painting of the walls should not be provocative, harmonize with the surrounding buildings and emphasize the individuality of the building. In addition, the paints used for artistic painting of the facade must be resistant to mechanical and natural influences.

Facade painting

Artistic painting of the facade involves preliminary preparation of the walls: removal of the old coating, putty, primer. The paper version of the drawing is pre-approved by the customer. Only after this, the masters of the OMI studio begin to artistically apply paints to the wall. In our work we use various drawing techniques. The final stage is the application of a protective coating to the facade of the building. All these procedures allow us to assert that artistic painting of facades perfectly protects walls from external influences. In addition, with the help of a drawing you can hide defects or use existing features of the building when selecting a drawing. And using the 3-D effect will make it possible to “sculpt” columns on a building, “attach” shutters to windows, design a flowerbed, “cut through” a window and much more.

Facade painting

In connection with all of the above, it can be argued that artistic painting of a facade is a multi-day process, the completion time of which depends, first of all, on the size of the wall and the detail of the drawing. Based on these same parameters, as well as the cost of materials, the price of artistic façade painting depends. However, this type of facade decoration is one of the most inexpensive ways to make your home unique.

We work on artistic painting of facades with customers from all over Ukraine, we have international experience.


Artistic painting of facades.

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