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Retaining walls

Retaining walls, in addition to their functional load - retaining soil on slopes from collapse, often also have decorative functions. They can serve as terrace walls; railings of stairs running along the slope; one of the walls of an artificial reservoir, fountain; recreation area with built-in benches; vertical flower bed, etc. Whatever load the retaining wall bears, it consists of mandatory components: the foundation - the underground part, the body of the wall, drainage and drainage systems to reduce the load on the wall during rains. To build up the body of the wall, masonry from natural or artificial stone, brick, concrete, wood, etc. is used

By going to the site and assessing the terrain features, the presence and degree of slope, the danger of collapse, the height of the slope, OMI studio specialists can offer many options for constructing a retaining wall and decorating it. If it is a high steep slope, then it makes sense to make a retaining wall in the form of terraces. If it is a small slope, then you can use a retaining wall for decorative purposes. Focusing on the style in which the garden plot is made, based on the wishes of the customer, the masters of the OMI studio will offer visualizations of the retaining wall structures.

If the retaining wall on your personal plot primarily serves its main function - preventing a collapse, then we recommend that for its installation you contact the specialists of the OMI studio, who will perform the appropriate engineering calculations and select the material, determine the height and thickness of the wall. We work throughout Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


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Retaining walls


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