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Statues in the cemetery

Masters of the OMI studio they make statues for the grave and statues for the cemetery. The concept of cemetery statues includes not only tombstones, but also the production of statues for the entrance group, placement on fences, the creation of complexes and steles, etc.

The price of a statue for a grave, like the price of a statue for a cemetery, depends on the cost of the material, the volume and complexity of the work. Customers of elite monuments prefer marble and granite. Marble statues and granite statues are most often installed on the graves of famous public, cultural and political figures.

Statues in the cemetery

Sandstone statues, due to their warm colors and natural patterns, are distinguished by their touching and “warmth”. Most often, such monuments are ordered for the graves of loved ones. The availability of this material, resistance to weathering and flexibility in processing make sandstone one of the most popular materials.  

Gypsum statues look very elegant. Thanks to the plasticity of this natural material  you can achieve a stunning resemblance of the statue to the deceased, or create any detailed image for the grave.

Another common material for making statues is concrete. Sculptural concrete – This is an artificial stone based on cement, sand and polymer additives.   Unlike statues made from natural materials, concrete statues are not carved, but sculpted, layer by layer placed on an iron frame. In Ukraine, there are practically no craftsmen who know how to work with polymer concrete. Masters of the studio "OMI" brought this equipment to Ukraine from Europe. Concrete statues are comparable in strength and weather resistance to natural materials.

Statues in the cemetery

Masters of the OMI studio They create not only individual sculptures, you can also buy a statue for a grave, presented in the company’s catalog.

The main office and production workshops are located in Kyiv, we have representative offices of the OMI studio in the cities of Ukraine and China. We accept orders from all over Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. As related services, the company provides services for the delivery and installation of statues.

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Statues in the cemetery. Making a statue for a grave

Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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