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Volumetric inscriptions

The OMI studio produces three-dimensional inscriptions. Most often they are used in outdoor advertising and when organizing any events: shows, weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, etc.

Volume inscriptions

3D inscriptions differ from 3D letters in their integrity. These are most often ready-made words or phrases where the letters are connected to each other. The advantages of volumetric inscriptions are the possibility of using a beautiful capital calligraphic font, these are bold solutions for placement in space. Since solid projects are quite bulky, volumetric inscriptions are most often made from lightweight material, such as polystyrene foam. This is a universal, pliable material that allows you to make inscriptions of any complexity and size from it. Foam plastic is beautifully painted and allows you to make various imitations.

3D foam letters

This is the cheapest material for making volumetric inscriptions. It withstands various weather conditions well and is designed for long-term use. Due to its lightness, polystyrene foam is easy to transport and install. Depending on the size of the inscription and the installation location, the OMI studio uses double-sided tape, various adhesives, and silicone. Three-dimensional inscriptions, like three-dimensional letters, can be made luminous using LED backlighting.

We work throughout Ukraine. Our works are also presented in the countries of the former CIS. Prices for the production of volumetric inscriptions are determined based on the complexity of the work and the size of the letters, but remain the lowest in Ukraine.


Production of volumetric letters.

Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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