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Architectural layouts and models of cottage villages

The OMI company works with many developers in Ukraine and the CIS countries to produce architectural models and models of cottage villages. The layout allows you to visualize the future housing complex, work out the details, or reduce the construction estimate as a result of identifying unnecessary elements. We can prepare a complete layout, sectional view of houses, fence areas, organize flower beds, plant trees, and so on. The scale of the project is determined by the customer. The cost of making a model depends on the materials used in the model and the details worked out.

Architectural layouts and models of cottage settlements

OMI's craftsmen approach the production of the model of cottage villages in a comprehensive manner: after receiving the technical specifications, they prepare the site for the model, work out the general plan, details of the future village, and make a transparent one

glass dome, preparing packaging, etc. The cost of the work is determined based on the detail of the cottage village layout. It’s a pleasure to work with us because we know how to listen and hear the client.


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Architectural models and models of cottage settlements
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Making layouts of cottage villages.

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