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Computer graphics

The entire set of actions to create images using a computer is called computer graphics. And the programs with which images are created are called graphic editors. People who create images using graphics editors are called graphic designers. The image created on the screen can be immediately erased, completed, corrected, enlarged, reduced, changed color, made to move; in the case of three-dimensional graphics – twist it, look inside. And most importantly, it is easily replicated.

In the OMI studio created by young talented, highly professional, creative graphic designers who work in various graphic editors – from simple to complex. 3D modeling, business graphics, design graphics, illustrative graphics, computer animation, art graphics, advertising graphics – There is no type of graphics that our experts cannot handle.

Computer graphics

Electronic file sharing and email allow the masters of the OMI studio to work with customers from all over the world. We work equally successfully with the business, scientific, advertising and creative worlds. We are ready to bring any client’s ideas and desires to life. The cost of services depends on the complexity, volume and urgency of the order.

Computer graphics

3D Modeling 
Business graphics
Constructor graphics

Illustration graphics
Computer animation

Art graphics
Advertising graphics




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