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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Studio "OMI" united some of the most talented people in Ukraine. Experienced artists, sculptors, designers, blacksmiths - they all work to make this world more beautiful. That is why the products of the studio "OMI" can be found in all corners of Ukraine, as well as far beyond its borders. 

Activities of the studio "OMI" divided by directions. 

Production of sculptures and other products from natural stone, metal or polyester resin: 
- monuments to order
- figurines and statues to order 
- production of memorial plaques 
- production of bronze busts 
- production of elite tombstones 
- ritual sculpture to order
- production of polygonal sculptures 
- garden sculpture to order 
- production of park and garden flowerpots 
- production of decorative stucco

Custom production of advertising and corporate items: 
- production of advertising figures and sculptures 
- production of volumetric signs
- development of three-dimensional billboards
- production of product dummies and enlarged copies
- volumetric products for window dressing 
- development and production of furniture in corporate style 
- production of three-dimensional figures in the form of trademarks 

Development of projects to create art objects and their implementation to order for government agencies and individuals: 
- production of art objects “I love…”
- creation of art objects of any theme for shopping and entertainment centers
- development and production of corporate-themed art objects 

Production of props, scenery and photo zones: 
- production of foam plastic figures 
- products for decoration of retail space 
- New Year and Christmas decoration to order
- Halloween decor 
- production of dummies 
- production of plastic masks 
- creation of photo zones 
- production of life-size puppets for holidays and promotions 

Production of products for landscape design: 
- custom gardening products (vases, sculptures, urns) 
- small architectural forms for parks and squares (gazebos, gazebos, canopies) 
- outdoor furniture (designer benches and benches, wooden and forged furniture, plastic furniture) 
- production of topiary figures of any complexity 
- design and development of formants, rates and reservoirs 
- stairs, paths and platforms 

Production of souvenir, gift and award products: 
- production of caricature figurines to order according to individual sketches
- production of award figurines and paraphernalia 
- development of branded souvenir products

Manufacture of artistic products and their restoration:
- creation of paintings of any subject in different artistic directions to order
- interior decoration
- painting of walls and ceiling
- design and creation of murals in the direction of mural art

In the portfolio of the studio "OMI" you can see thousands of successfully implemented projects. Our company strives not only to create high-quality products in various areas of art, but also to provide comfortable conditions for cooperation both with government agencies and local governments, as well as business representatives and individuals. Each project is implemented individually; delivery and installation of large products is carried out directly by our specialists. 

For studio "OMI" Each order is a separate story into which our team puts its soul and talent. We will do everything to make your life more beautiful.

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OMI studio news

A national park in Bulgaria will be replenished with a collection of architectural models created by the OMI studio
One ​​of the cultural centers of Bulgaria approached the Association of Artists of Ukraine with a proposal to take part in the creation of a park of a...
A copy of the “Laocoon” Sculpture from the masters of the OMI studio from $20,000 to order from plaster, fiberglass, marble and bronze.
The statue of Laocoon is a copy of a sculptural group made of marble found in 1506 in Rome and now located in the Belvedere of the Vatican Palace....
Masters of the OMI studio conducted a master class on gilding techniques
On December 14, 2015, at the Department of Fine Arts of the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture (OGASA), the art director of the Ode...
Studio "OMI": produces military decorations, three-dimensional models of military equipment for decoys.
The OMI studio opens a new era in the creation of three-dimensional models of military equipment. We specialize in the production of models of tanks...
The masters of the OMI studio made an unusual model of the Moon for the Dnieper Planetarium.
The masters of the OMI studio made a model of the Moon especially for the Dnieper Planetarium. According to the customer’s idea, the product should re...


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