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Thematic decoration of shop windows for the holiday. New Year's window decoration

The display window is the buyer’s first acquaintance with the store. The way it is designed can either gain or lose hundreds of potential customers. The OMI studio will help you find that “golden mean” that will attract exactly the right category of customers to the store.

window decoration

However, do not forget that the buyer is capricious and changeable. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically change the display case. The reason for this can be any holiday. One of the most popular is New Year. New Year's window decorations are usually ordered in the first ten days of November, and they can last until the end of February. In addition, thematic areas located inside a store or supermarket are also popular. And also appropriately stylized shelves for goods.

window dressing

The OMI studio has brought together specialists from completely different profiles and areas of activity “under one roof.” That is why we can offer comprehensive services. The masters of the OMI studio will help you develop a showcase design, make unique decorations from foam plastic, decorations from plastic, decorations from wood, and put together a thematically designed showcase or a themed area. And then, carefully disassemble and pack everything for storage. By the way, the OMI studio also produces containers for storing decorations.

Remember! Not a single showcase, no matter how beautiful and correct from a marketing point of view it is, will be able to sell the product. So don’t forget to improve your salespeople!

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