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Entry signs, steles

Entry signs, advertising steles, sculptural compositions “I love my city,”

Studio "OMI" manufactures custom entrance signs, entrance steles, sculptural  “I love my city” compositions, advertising steles, branded entrance signs.
Production of custom entry signs – This is one of the areas of activity of the masters of the OMI company. As you know, this small architectural form is the calling card of a settlement. After all, the first thing a person encounters on the way to the city – This is an entry sign that gives the visitor a brief description of the locality. Date of foundation, city coat of arms, symbols that characterize local culture or industry – an entry sign displays the characteristic features of a city, town or village.

Masters of the OMI studio take into account every little detail when preparing sketches of custom-made entry signs, so that the result is a meaningful image of the city in one sign, as if forming a brand for the locality. Entrance sign – This is a work of monumental art, so the creation of this object can only be trusted to professionals. 
Also, the company "OMI" offers the production of art objects “I love my city” to order. In many cities of Ukraine you can find similar sculptural compositions, and they are rightfully becoming a popular place for photographs among citizens and guests of the city. As a rule, such art objects are installed in central squares or station areas. Our craftsmen have extensive experience in the production of sculptural compositions, and the abundance of non-standard and creative ideas allows us to create unique art objects, which have no analogues in Ukraine. 
Municipal sculptural compositions to order – not the only area of work of the OMI company; in this section. Commercial firms, large enterprises and factories can order advertising steles and branded entrance signs from our craftsmen. These advertising installations are installed at the entrance to the enterprise or near the business center where the company’s office is located. The height of the advertising wall can reach several meters, making it visible to potential customers from quite large distances. Creating a branded entrance sign, the masters of the OMI studio can repeat in detail the company logo in a voluminous sculptural composition of enormous size, it all depends on the customer’s wishes. 

The material that is used in the manufacture of entry signs, “I love my city” art objects, advertising steles and branded entry signs  is selected individually in each case, but the main criterion – the material must be resistant to weather conditions and the environment. Therefore, preference is given to materials such as concrete, stone, metal, polyester resin.
Company "OMI" offers a service for the production of entry signs, advertising placards  and art objects in all cities of Ukraine. We cooperate with both representatives of city administrations and private entrepreneurs, offering transparent transaction terms and high-quality order fulfillment. 

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Making sculptures
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Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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