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Art mosaic

When you mention this word, artistic mosaic panel, a picture from childhood pops up in your head, when friends gathered at home to put together a mosaic. With the help of these small multi-colored elements, entire paintings and mosaic panels were created.

The artistic mosaic used in painting and construction is almost no different from the mosaic from childhood, only the number of elements is much greater and the training of a specialist who lays an artistic mosaic panel with his own hands must be very serious. The most important thing is to put together the picture from the mosaic in your head and disassemble it into elements. The artists of the OMI studio, despite their youth, have been successfully laying artistic mosaics for many years. Our specialists have in their arsenal the most complex mosaic paintings, artistic glass mosaics, marble mosaic panels, ceramic mosaic panels, mirror mosaic panels, diamond mosaic panels, matrix mosaic panels, laid out on the walls of customers. We work with various shapes and materials.

For example, a mosaic panel in a bathroom or a swimming pool often uses glass mosaic or smalt mosaic, a natural stone mosaic (granite, onyx, marble) is placed on the floor or a porcelain stoneware mosaic is used. For artistic panels on walls, OMI craftsmen most often use smalt or ceramic mosaics. As an exclusive production of mosaic panels, the artists of the OMI studio can offer mosaics made of metal and natural mother-of-pearl. Highly professional OMI specialists will help decorate not only the walls of the house, but also interior items - vases, floor lamps, frames, chandeliers, etc.

By ordering an artistic mosaic panel from the OMI studio, you can be sure that your interior will be exclusive and will cost you much less than hiring other craftsmen working in Ukraine. We work for both cash and non-cash payments.


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