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Petrikovskaya painting

Petrikovskaya painting

Petrykivka painting, as a form of art, arose due to the desire of people to decorate their mud huts. She was born on the site of the settlement of the Cossack Petrik, now the village of Petrikovka, Dnepropetrovsk region. Village residents annually competed with each other in applying designs to interior items and walls of houses, and this is how this art improved. Now, one might say, Petrikovskaya painting is a kind of Ukrainian amulet.

Petrikovskaya painting

The artists of the OMI studio adopted the experience of Petrikov painting from the best masters. Rich imagination, creativity, excellent knowledge of technology allows our artists to create unique scenes that give the home a special Ukrainian flavor and comfort. Petrikovskaya painting is dominated by flowers and various vegetation. When painting, the masters of the OMI studio use acrylic, oil, watercolor paints, tempera and gouache. The peculiarity and uniqueness is the technique of applying paints - with fingers or a factory-made or homemade brush (from cat hair), sticks and pipettes, strokes - precise and fast, with transitions from a thin stroke to a wide one.

Petrikovskaya painting

By contacting the OMI studio to paint interior items and walls of your home, you can be sure that your order will be completed in the shortest possible time. Petrikov painting, made by the masters of the OMI studio, is distinguished by its individuality, originality, brightness and durability. Due to the high quality of work and low cost, we are found by clients both from Ukraine and abroad who want to bring Ukrainian flavor to their home.


Petrikovskaya painting to order.

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