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Creation of computer visualization

Creation of computer visualization

Computer visualization is the design of thoughts, plans, ideas in 2D or 3D images using design computer programs. Most people have an underdeveloped imagination and it is difficult for them to imagine what their idea will look like in reality. Or they order computer visualization so as not to explain their vision or decision to other people. We try to catch the same wavelength as the customer, and therefore our work fully meets the client’s requirements.

If we talk about two-dimensional graphics, then it can be vector and raster. Depending on the task at hand, OMI studio specialists will determine what type of graphics needs to be used in each specific case. A two-dimensional type of visualization is often used when it is necessary to subsequently transfer the created project onto a printed basis: presentation, advertising layout, plan, drawing, etc.

Recently, 3D graphics have become very popular, which allows you to depict an object three-dimensionally, rotate it, zoom in, examine it from all sides, and look inside. This computer visualization allows you to accurately convey the color and texture of materials.

We work with furniture makers, sculptors, architects, government agencies, educational institutions, in general, with all those who need computer visualizations for work or study. The created projects are an exact copy of their future originals and fully reflect the essence of the idea. Prices for the production of computer visualization depend on the deadlines and complexity of the order, but are among the most affordable in Ukraine. We have experience working remotely with customers from other countries.

Architectural layouts and models of residential buildings
Architectural layouts and models of complexes
Architectural layouts and models of industrial enterprises
Architectural layouts and models of factories
Architectural layouts and models of cottages
Architectural models and models of cottage settlements
Architectural layouts and interior models
Town planning layouts and models
Training mockups for students
Landscape mockups
Advertising layouts
Layouts of architectural structures and details
Development and creation of project documentation
Creating computer visualization
Creating videos

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