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Forged Products

One ​​of the areas that the masters of the OMI studio are successfully developing is forging - this is the processing of metal products at high temperatures, giving them various shapes. In fact, forged elements can be present in almost any area of ​​human activity: from creating sculptures, fences, gates, grilles, canopies, doors, balconies, barbecues to household items and interior design.

Forged products

When treated with fire and hammer, the metal is “hardened”, becomes stronger and more durable. Accordingly, the service life of a forged product is much longer than one simply made of metal. The masters of the OMI studio work both with stamps - when metal holders are used during forging - and also engage in artistic forging, which allows them to create exclusive forged products to order. Our own workshops, a huge arsenal of tools and equipment allow us to fulfill orders of any complexity on time. To visualize the future forged product, a designer works together with a blacksmith, who will prepare a sketch at the request of the customer.

Guided by the principle “any customer’s idea can be brought to life if it is made by OMI craftsmen,” we are constantly improving our skills and forging techniques, exchanging experience with other craftsmen and organizing workshops ourselves -classes.

When placing an order, if necessary, a master from the OMI studio will come to the site to take measurements. As a rule, within 24 hours (if there has been no other agreement), the customer is provided with a calculation and a sketch. Among other things, the masters of the OMI studio carry out delivery and installation work. We work throughout Ukraine, the countries of the former CIS and Europe.

Custom forged products

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OMI studio news

Designer Christmas trees made from OMI foam plastic created a New Year's atmosphere for the Parkovy center
New Year and Christmas decoration is a separate area in the work of the OMI studio. Despite the fact that the holidays have already passed, we want to...
A copy of the “Laocoon” Sculpture from the masters of the OMI studio from $20,000 to order from plaster, fiberglass, marble and bronze.
The statue of Laocoon is a copy of a sculptural group made of marble found in 1506 in Rome and now located in the Belvedere of the Vatican Palace....
The characters from the game “Wazamba” came to life in the OMI studio
The masters of the OMI studio completed a large order for the production of elements of the presentation area for the German company 7 StarsPartners....
The sculptor of the OMI studio wants to erect a monument to Kuzma on Khreshchatyk
The sculptor of the OMI studio Bogdan Tsyupa wants to create a monument to Kuzma Scriabin in Kyiv. Kuzma was Bogdan’s idol. After the death of the roc...
Advertising sculpture, small Eskimo from "OMI" for "Rud"
Advertising should be interesting, this is the position of the OMI studio. That is why the studio’s masters are happy to implement interesting adverti...


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