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Stained glass windows to order.

Stained glass is another way to decorate your home. Stained glass has been used since ancient times as decoration for temples or rich houses. Today, thanks to modern materials and new technologies, this original interior decoration is available to anyone. A mirror, colored, transparent or frosted glass is used as a basis, onto which a drawing is applied. Application methods are also different: cutting, fusing, classic soldered stained glass, beveled, etched, film, etc.

Custom stained glass.

OMI studio artists will use stained glass paints to create unique drawings. Glass allows you to do what is impossible on any other plane - imitation of the structure of stone, metal, lace, embossing, giving volume to some elements, alternating gloss and matte.

Most often, stained glass is ordered for doors, furniture doors, screens, partitions, niches, and sliding wardrobes. Stained glass looks especially impressive on interior items: floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, paintings, panels, vases. A ceiling filled with stained glass elements will delight all household members and guests.

Initially, a sketch of the future stained glass window is made on paper and approved with the customer. For a clearer picture of the future stained glass window, it is possible to produce part of the design on glass (for an additional fee). The cost of making stained glass in the OMI studio depends on the volume and complexity of the work, but you can be sure that our price is the lowest than in any other workshop in Ukraine for similar work. Order execution time is from 2 weeks. We work throughout Ukraine.


Stained glass windows to order.

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