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Architectural layouts and models of cottages

The OMI studio professionally produces architectural layouts and models of cottages. We produce models of cottages of any complexity and any scale. We work with the client from the presentation of the idea on his part to the presentation of the cottage layout on ours. Moreover, we produce not only cottage models, but also make an individual table for them and, at the client’s request, a glass cover. We can provide a daily report on the work done electronically or in any way convenient for the client.

When making a model of a cottage, the masters of the OMI studio use such working methods as laser and milling cutting, soldering, casting, gluing, sculpting, jewelry work, etc. Color solutions are selected depending on the wishes of the customer. The material is the same accordingly: we make mock-ups of cottages from cardboard, plastic and wood.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, we design the area around the cottage, install light, and insert windows into the layout. When determining the cost of work to produce a model of a cottage, the customer is provided with several estimates taking into account the elaboration of details. A well-established transport structure allows us to work with anywhere in the world.


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Production of architectural models of cottages.

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