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Volumetric advertisements

Recently, due to its abundance, standard outdoor and interior advertising has ceased to fully perform its functions, the end result of which is the sale of a product or service. Therefore, in order to achieve their goals, the advertising industry has increasingly begun to use volumetric outdoor advertising and indoor volumetric advertising. Because of its non-standard and realistic nature, voluminous advertising attracts attention, intrigues, and makes you want to try and buy.

Volume advertising

Masters of the OMI studio - these are professional sculptors, artists, graphic artists, architects, prop makers, decorators, 3D designers, creatives. They successfully transfer their knowledge and skills to the production of three-dimensional advertising, three-dimensional advertising figures, three-dimensional plastic figures, three-dimensional advertising sculptures, three-dimensional pillars, three-dimensional billboards, and three-dimensional signs. The transfer of all the subtleties and features of the original allows us to achieve incredible realism in the production of three-dimensional copies. Or, depending on the task, introduce elements of fantasy, fairy tales, or an alien world. 

Studio "OMI" engaged in the production of outdoor volumetric and interior advertising, production of volumetric advertising, production of volumetric letters, production of volumetric billboards, volumetric figures, volumetric advertising sculptures, volumetric advertising signs, decoration of shop windows with volumetric advertising sculptures, figures, production of volumetric advertising signs, imitations of three-dimensional advertising products, three-dimensional decorations, three-dimensional dummies, three-dimensional props, exact copies of food products, medicines in enlarged sizes. 

Volume advertising

In the production of volumetric outdoor advertising, various materials are used: plastic, acrylic, cardboard, aluminum, steel, wood, etc. Various technologies are used, from manual processing to precise laser cutting. Three-dimensional advertising made by the masters of the OMI studio is installed in many shopping centers in Ukraine. Customers from the former CIS countries and Europe contact us. Interaction with the client begins with a dialogue in which we come to an understanding of what the customer wants.

During the work process, all stages are agreed upon with the client and, if necessary, adjustments are made. Such joint work allows our masters to hit the target 100 percent. Prices for the production of volumetric advertising depend on the material used in production, the volume and complexity of the order. We can only add that Ukrainian customers recommend us to Europeans as one of the most inexpensive and conscientious workers in the advertising industry.

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