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Props for a photo shoot

The masters of the OMI studio make props for photo sessions (photo props) - these are various accessories for photography.

Remember, 10-15 years ago we still bought photo albums, printed photos and signed them? Today, when photography takes up more and more space in our lives every day, and modern gadgets provide the opportunity to independently take high-quality photographs and immediately share them on the Internet, the need for photo albums and signatures has practically disappeared.

Props for a photo shoot

But due to the abundance of photos on the Internet, there was a desire to make your photos unique, different from others. It is photo props that allow you to create the most interesting photographs that vividly reflect both the event itself and your mood. But for this you need to prepare - order accessories for photography in advance at the OMI studio workshop. You can also buy ready-made props for a photo shoot from us.

One ​​of the varieties of photo props is unusually designed thematic inscriptions: “Happy Birthday”, “bride”, “groom”, “I love you”, “she said yes”, “y a son was born to me,” etc. In addition, we produce props for mustaches, hats, lips, glasses, ties, butterflies, wings, halos, horns, animal faces, etc. Also, the masters of the OMI studio are ready to implement any idea of ​​the customer - a professional artist will help create the necessary image. The price of making props for a photo shoot depends on the cost of the material from which the accessory will be made, its size and the complexity of the work. We deliver throughout Ukraine and European countries. We work with Event agencies, entrepreneurs and individual clients without any restrictions.


Custom photo shoot props. Production of props and props

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