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Small plastic

The OMI company produces small plastic items from ceramics. These are, in most cases, miniature easel sculptures.

It is not always possible to place a large sculpture in a room - it requires a certain space. In addition, this is a rather expensive pleasure. The solution to their situation is minor plastic surgery. Such a sculpture is a kind of interior decoration, giving the house comfort.

If you want your gift to your family, friends or just yourself to be original and unique, then you should definitely come to the OMI studio. The specialists of the OMI studio will produce a miniature sculpture or, as it is often called, a small plastic sculpture according to your sketches or description. We can also offer the customer his own sketches developed by our specialists. These can be figurines of people, animals, plants, everyday scenes, compositions, miniature copies of monuments, existing statues, etc. Our works decorate shelves, window sills, niches and tables in many homes and offices in Ukraine, the CIS countries and Europe. Due to the need for slow drying of the product, the production time ranges from a week to several weeks. Prices for making small plastic sculptures from ceramics depend on the complexity of the work, detailing and the presence of painting.


Small plastic
Layers (tiles)
Decorative panel
Hot enamel


Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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