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Articulated dolls

Hinged joints at the bend points help give the doll any human pose. Depending on the intended purpose, the masters of the OMI studio make to order both a fully articulated doll (right down to the bends of the fingers and toes) and install the hinges in the places specified by the customer. The price of a custom-made jointed doll directly depends on the number of joints, the size of the doll and the configuration.

Articulated dolls

If we talk about sizes, then this factor has no restrictions for us. The masters of the OMI studio make jointed dolls from mini (up to 25 cm), classic (25-40 cm) and up to giant sizes - in principle, there are no limits. Giant dolls are mainly ordered for advertising purposes and for the film industry. However, the larger the doll, the greater its weight, the more difficult it is to calculate the center of gravity for its stability and the more difficult it is to change its position.

An articulated doll makes a wonderful personalized gift. If the customer wishes to make the doll look like its future owner, the masters of the OMI studio must provide at least 5 photographs, both portrait and full-length. We can also produce a series of jointed dolls.

The contents of the articulated doll also affect the cost and production time of the order. Each additional detail, such as eyelashes, hair, requires meticulousness in work, which means additional time.

Making articulated dolls

The cost and production time of a jointed doll are calculated individually and absolutely free. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the OMI studio for advice and the formation of orders. Our experience and desire to solve even the most difficult problems allows us to always achieve excellent results. We work with all regions of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


Custom-jointed dolls. Production of jointed dolls in Ukraine

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