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Thematic design of areas in supermarkets and shopping centers

The masters of the OMI studio will provide a range of services for the design of shop windows, photo zones, branded sales areas, themed areas and children's corners in supermarkets and shopping centers.

One of the ways to attract the buyer’s attention is a thematically designed area. It may include decorations, specialized shelves for placing goods, props, stylized decorations, etc. Thematic zones can be designed based on holiday themes (New Year's zone, Halloween zone, March 8, Easter zone, etc.), as well as based on the product brand or department specialization.

Our masters are young guys who are ready to offer not only creative solutions, but also ways to implement them. And our well-equipped in-house workshops will allow you to complete everything efficiently and on time. We make decorations from foam plastic, decorations from plastic, decorations from wood, forged elements, stylized benches, and shop windows. We use not only the usual execution techniques, but also modern 3D printing systems, airsystem technologies, etc.

There are no impossible tasks for us: the more difficult the order, the more interesting it is to work on it. The price of designing a thematic zone depends on the complexity and volume of the order; a reasoned estimate is provided. Regular reports and approvals will allow the customer to always be aware of what is happening and adjust the order during the production of elements, decorations and the actual design of the area.

The main office is located in Kyiv, we have a network of representative offices in cities, and a delivery service operates.

Entrust the design of the thematic area to the specialists of the OMI studio and increase the number of sales!

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