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Making custom masks and replicating masks is one of the popular areas of activity for the masters of the OMI studio. We are interested in developing and creating the most unusual, theatrical masks, New Year's masks, Venetian masks, carnival masks, making masks for carols, making wooden masks, manufacturing as well as simple masks for carnivals, holidays, theatrical performances and masks for parties. The price of making a mask to order depends on the materials that will be used, the complexity of the work and, of course, the cost of attributes for decorating the mask plays an important role.


In our workshops you can order masks made of cardboard, silicone masks, plastic masks made by casting, and also printed on a 3D printer. In the latter case, we can make an exact copy of a person’s face by inserting his photograph into a special printer.

Silicone masks deserve special attention. Using this unique material, you can make a mask, wearing which you can completely change a person’s appearance, create an alien creature or a fairy-tale hero. Silicone masks are most in demand in the film and entertainment industries.

Making masks

The production time for masks depends on the material, their quantity and the complexity of the work, and ranges from one day to several weeks. Each order has a strictly individual approach. In this case, we work with customers from all over the world: delivery is carried out by leading transport companies.


Custom-made masks. Masters of the OMI studio

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