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Making sculptures

Making a sculpture to order involves direct work with the customer. However, the experience of the masters of the OMI studio shows that the customer sometimes does not know what he wants. This is precisely why our young, creative, talented heads and “golden” minds exist. hands.

Having been professionally engaged in the creation of sculptures, monuments, statues, tombstones, bas-reliefs, busts, facade stucco moldings, memorial plaques, figurines for more than 9 years, specialists from the studio “OMI” learned to understand the client perfectly. Among other things, we can offer to buy sculptures made by masters of the OMI studio. to participate in exhibitions and competitions. We also restore sculptures from photographs.

Custom sculpture

Leonardo da Vinci stated: “The work of a sculptor is purely manual and requires predominantly physical effort.” The great master said this when comparing sculpture with painting. Today, the capabilities of sculptors and the requirements for sculpture have changed somewhat and require from the master not so much physical strength as mastery of techniques for working with various materials and the ability to use unexpected solutions and combinations. When starting the creative process, we are interested, first of all, not in selling a sculpture (since selling a sculpture implies setting a price based on 2 components - the cost of materials and work), but in creating a masterpiece of art, the value of which will only increase over time.

Our craftsmen work in various directions (manufacturing statues, making busts, making reliefs, making panels, memorial plaques, garden and park sculptures and easel sculptures, tombstone sculptures, portraits on monuments , facade  interior stucco molding, bas-reliefs, sculpture in the interior, production of garden sculptures), sizes (from miniature to the greatest monument) and styles: classicism, modern, empire, high-tech, etc. We provide custom-made sculpture services for private clients and budget organizations in Kyiv, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk. We work for cash and non-cash payments. The price of a sculpture is determined based on the materials used, their quantity and the category of complexity of the work performed.

Making sculptures

In the creative process, we create sculptures from different materials: making ice sculptures, making sculptures from concrete, making sculptures from plaster, making sculptures from stone, making sculptures from granite, making sculptures marble, sandstone sculpture, bronze sculpture making, wood sculpture making, polyester resin sculpture, plastic sculpture, foam sculpture. The main requirement for the material – durability and wear resistance. We work from the finished sketch and develop a project for the client. Constant interaction with the customer allows the latter to control the entire process and, if necessary, immediately make adjustments.

Most often we work on creating sculptures in our own sculpture workshop. The transport system and modern wrapping materials make it easy to deliver the finished sculpture to anywhere in the world. By agreement, it is possible to work directly on site.

Our team consists of highly professional, talented, friendly and extraordinary sculptors, designers, graphic artists, architects and artists. For us there is no concept – I can not. The client sets tasks – we find their solution!

With respect, the creative team of the OMI studio

Making sculptures in any form
We create custom-made sculptures and figures of any complexity

Making sculptures of all directions

Order a sculpture.

Making sculptures
Gypsum sculptures
Gypsum products
Art casting
Elite monuments
Gypsum columns
Making balusters
Art modeling
Gypsum stucco
Making of figurines
Bronze sculpture
Decorative sculptures
Sandstone sculptures
Marble sculptures
Wooden sculptures
Granite products
Cartoon figurines
Marble products
Granite sculptures
Gypsum figures
Granite figures
Bronze figures
Marble figures
Exclusive monuments
Cast iron
Forged sculptures
Animal sculptures
Animal statues
Monuments for the grave
Polygonal sculptures
Ritual sculpture
Topiary sculptures
Statues in the cemetery
Sculptures of angels
Gardening planters
Concrete sculptures
Monumental sculptures
Easel sculptures
Facade stucco
Wood carving
Garden and park sculptures
Plastic sculptures
Restoration of sculptures
Memorial plaque

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