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Illuminated advertising

Outdoor illuminated advertising, outdoor advertising, custom-made light boxes, production of illuminated advertising. The masters of the OMI studio will produce custom neon signs, lightboxes, displays and running lines, three-dimensional advertising, and three-dimensional pillars. Illuminated advertising is one of the types of outdoor advertising. In addition to its main purpose - advertising an institution, an object of trade or the provision of a service, it can have important social and infrastructural functions. So, for example, this is illuminating the area at night, decorating the facade of a building, conveying important information to the consumer, and so on.

Outdoor illuminated advertising

Illuminated advertising in the form of a neon sign is simply a necessity for institutions that operate around the clock, or if the main flow of customers occurs at night, we are talking about cafes, bars and nightclubs. Our production facilities are located in Kyiv. We work with customers from all over Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe. We also provide installation of illuminated advertising and its further maintenance.

Outdoor illuminated advertising

The masters of the OMI studio will produce illuminated advertising of any shape and size, using all kinds of materials and lamps (LEDs, fluorescent lamps) of various colors, types and power. Based on the listed parameters, the price of illuminated advertising is determined. Extensive experience in creating fiberglass and plastic forms, professional employees supervising various areas, and the ability to solve problems in collaboration allow us to take on the most large-scale and ambitious projects, the implementation of which was beyond the capabilities of our colleagues.


Custom-made outdoor illuminated advertising. Production of illuminated advertising

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