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We are an ambitious, creative, young but experienced team, which brings together masters who love their profession and their work. While still studying in educational institutions, the masters of the OMI studio carried out complex orders for painting oil paintings, making copies of originals, restoring paintings, writing graphics, artistic painting of facades, artistic painting of walls, artistic painting of interior ceilings, artistic painting of temples, mosques, Petrykivka painting, gilding with gold leaf and gold leaf, making batik, production of stained glass and artistic mosaics.

And today painting – one of the main types of art, which has been actively developed in the OMI studio. Our masters are constantly improving, studying techniques from different times and countries. Finished works – reproductions of paintings by famous masters and unique works by our artists can be viewed and purchased through the website by going to the “Online gallery” section.

The direction of “artistic painting of temples” deserves special attention. - this is the painting of complex, highly artistic wall paintings, which require the master to have certain knowledge, skills and techniques for applying artistic designs. In addition, the artist must have knowledge and worldview characteristics inherent in various religions, as well as motifs that are acceptable when painting walls in different faiths.

When artistically painting the walls of the interior and facade of a house with picturesque paintings, we primarily rely on the wishes of the customer. The beginning of work with the client proceeds in two directions simultaneously: preparing the surface for applying an artistic design and approving the sketch. This significantly reduces the time it takes to complete the work.

Wall preparation – This is one of the most important stages on which the quality of paint application and the longevity of the painting depend. It includes cleaning of the old coating, leveling with plaster and priming the surface. If a decision is made to create a three-dimensional artistic painting, figurative modeling is also included in the preparation of the walls.

Recently, the use of artistic canvas as a basis for drawing has become widespread. In this case, the work can be done in the OMI workshop, and the walls do not require special preparation. The canvas with the image is attached directly to the wall.

When painting paintings to order, our masters listen to the wishes of the customer and evaluate the interior in which the painting will be located. Therefore, the paintings created by the masters of the OMI studio fit perfectly into the environment both in execution and design, and fully comply with the client’s requirements.

Our masters will also help you choose motives for a future painting, paint a local landscape, and also create an artistic portrait from a photograph. The latter is most in demand when it is necessary to create an exclusive gift.

Works by studio "OMI" are represented throughout Ukraine, as well as in the countries of the former CIS. Today we are quite widely represented on the European market, since our work is competitive in terms of quality of workmanship, originality, and price category.

When setting prices for services, we focus on the prices of Ukrainian craftsmen and make them a little lower. Therefore, we can confidently say that the prices for paintings painted by masters of the OMI studio will pleasantly surprise you. We work for both cash and non-cash payments. Widespread distribution of branches of the OMI studio allows you to cover the territory of all of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

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