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Temple painting

Unlike other faiths, in Orthodoxy it is customary to depict the faces of saints and events from the Bible on the walls of churches. The artistic painting of the walls gives the temple majesty, festivity and individuality. In most cases, the main customer and inspirer is the rector of the temple. It is with his blessing that the artistic painting of the temple by the masters of the OMI studio begins. The work begins in two directions: preparing the walls for artistic painting and approval by the customer of the artistic sketch of the drawing.

Temple painting

We have studied the painting of temples by artists and restorers and found our own style. Masters of the OMI studio use various techniques in their work. Our artists, in most cases, try to achieve three-dimensionality of the image and make the artistic drawing a continuation of the architecture of the temple. This effect allows the worshiper to abstract from reality and become a virtual participant in the events depicted on the temple wall. In addition, knowledge and ability to use several artistic painting techniques allows the masters of the OMI studio to restore temple wall images, achieving maximum resemblance to the original.

Temple painting

Our craftsmen carry out artistic painting of both the interior and exterior decoration of the temple with high quality and with soul. At the request of the customer, we carry out artistic painting of walls with any types of paints. We provide professional consultation on the specifics of using certain materials in painting. When setting prices for work, we are guided by the volume and complexity of the work, the materials used and the average price for this service on the Ukrainian market. The activity, experience, youth and mobility of our masters allows us to carry out artistic painting of churches anywhere in the country and the world in a short time.


Art painting of temples to order.

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