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Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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OMI produced Actimel for Danone
Props are a universal way of decorating shop windows and shops. Such products attract the attention of customers and help to creatively design shop wi...
The masters of the OMI studio produced an interactive life-size puppet for the ToyDiCo company
The masters of the OMI studio professionally produce life-size puppets to order. Basically, life-size puppets are used to attract the attention of con...
The masters of the OMI studio became the materializers of the ideas of the famous artist and designer Lina Condes
The masters of the OMI studio helped bring to life the ideas of a contemporary artist, designer Lina Condes for her personal exhibition “Hard art”, wh...
OMI created a winter photo zone for a large shopping center
Products made by the masters of the OMI studio will decorate a large shopping center in one of the cities of Croatia. < /p> The large order con...
Easter egg from OMI studio
An Easter egg made by the OMI studio became a decoration of the central street of Zhitomir. A giant 3-meter-high pysanka has become the central ele...


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