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Models of architectural structures and details

Layouts of architectural structures and details

The OMI studio produces models of architectural structures and details. These are large-scale copies that accurately replicate various structures: stone and wooden walls, fences, roofs, domes, vaults, elements of windows, doors, arches, stairs, elements of architecture, emblems, ornaments, etc. Depending on the purpose of the structure, the masters of the OMI studio use various materials in the manufacture of its layout - from cardboard to stone. Such layouts can be an excellent presentation of the work of construction companies and organizations, manufacturers of building materials, advertising material, etc. The cost of producing a mock-up of an architectural structure or parts depends on the complexity of the work, the material used, detailing, etc. However, prices in the OMI studio are among the most affordable in Ukraine.

Architectural structures and details

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OMI studio news

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Studio "OMI" produced 1,500 scented plaster dog figurines
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