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Ritual sculpture

Ritual sculpture – a special type of monumental art, its purpose is contained in the name itself.  A ritual sculpture is ordered when they want to show the enormous significance of the deceased for those close to him and the people around him during his lifetime.

Masters of the studio "OMI" have been honing the craft of making sculptures for a long time, and today we can say with confidence that we are one of the five leaders in the production of ritual sculptures in Ukraine. In addition, our masters master techniques that no one else in Ukraine uses except us.

Ritual sculptures

In the archive of works by masters of the OMI studio  more than a dozen works, including: ritual sculpture made of marble, ritual sculpture made of concrete, ritual sculpture made of plaster, ritual sculpture made of sandstone, ritual sculptures made of plaster, ritual sculpture made of plastic. We also produce sculptural ritual complexes.

Studio "OMI" offers to buy the ritual sculpture presented in the catalogue.  We also produce exclusive monuments to order. The price of an exclusive ritual sculpture is determined based on the selected material, volume and complexity of the work. If necessary, the services of the designer, the cost of delivery and installation of the monument are paid separately.

Ritual sculptures

The tombstone can be very diverse: a ritual bust of the deceased, a full-length sculpture, a ritual sculpture of an angel, an image of a mourning woman, a ritual sculpture of the Virgin Mary, as well as an image corresponding to the profession of the deceased.

The production of ritual sculptures is located in Kyiv, we accept orders from all over Ukraine, the CIS countries and Europe.

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Custom ritual sculptures. Making ritual sculptures in Ukraine

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