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Window decoration

In the old days, streets were most often named based on their characteristics. Today, a feature of many streets can be called the abundance of shopping pavilions, banks, pharmacies, etc. presented there. OMI specialists will tell you how not to get lost among a large number of shop windows and present your company in the most favorable light.

The OMI studio professionally designs window displays. The traffic of a particular store (bank, pharmacy) depends on the façade of a retail facility and the introduction of little tricks into the design. Let's not lie, this is exactly what a business owner is interested in. You have exactly 4 seconds to attract a potential buyer. OMI specialists will tell you how to meet this time using competent design and a properly designed display case. The profitability of a business often depends on the degree of investment of effort, money and professionalism in the design of a retail outlet.

A showcase is necessarily the name, specialization of the object, image and corporate style. But in addition, it acts as an information field on which OMI studio specialists will help the owner place information that attracts the buyer. Understanding the task at hand, professionalism, and creative thinking allow designers to convey maximum information, and corresponding pictures will help attract attention.

Window display

In the design of shop windows, OMI studio specialists use: oracal (self-adhesive film), banners, artistic decoration with paints, modern television and computer technologies, volumetric letters, inscriptions, figures, lighting solutions, virtual seller and much more. A properly designed showcase will help the customer, with the help of OMI company specialists, to receive the maximum influx of customers. We know how to listen and hear. Our prices for window dressing favorably distinguish the OMI company from other companies represented in Ukraine. We work throughout Ukraine, the countries of the former CIS and Europe.




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