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Layers (tiles)

Plastas or tiles are a kind of handmade tile made of ceramics (clay), respectively, with high heat transfer and the ability to accumulate heat. The difference is on the back side of the tile - the so-called rumpa, with the help of which the tiles are attached to the surface. Most often they are used for cladding walls, facades, stoves, fireplaces, etc. Depending on the imagination and skill of the craftsman, tiles can be of various types and textures, with or without a glaze coating, with a carved or painted pattern, flat or with recesses and bulges. But definitely, since this is a facing coating, they must be smooth and uniform, hard and resistant to temperature changes.

Working with clay requires certain skills and abilities. Initially, you need to knead the mass well to eliminate the presence of air. Air bubbles can significantly affect the strength of formations. The amount of water must also be dosed so that the clay is plastic. Drying is also a complex, lengthy process that does not like to be rushed.

The masters of the OMI studio produce custom tiles and cover surfaces with them. Teamwork, our own equipment and workshops allow us to speed up the process of producing layers, while complying with all regulations and standards. The combination of experience and youth gives us undeniable advantages: energy, strength, speed, fresh ideas, and on the other hand, proven movements, knowledge and practical application of elements from different cultures and eras. The prices for the production of tiles at the OMI company are not high; investments in cladding the surfaces of stoves and fireplaces pay off handsomely over time. We work throughout Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


Small plastic
Layers (tiles)
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