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Paths in a personal plot are an important functional element of any garden. But thanks to the masters of the OMI studio, they can also become a decoration of the site. When planning paths, it is very important to lay out routes in advance: from the gate to the house - wider, from the house to utility rooms, to garden beds, to recreation areas. Plan the places where they converge and diverge. It is also necessary, focusing on the budget, to choose a wear-resistant, durable material. The masters of the OMI studio will take into account all the design features of the site and, depending on the client’s preferences, will offer various options for making paths - from wooden to paving stones. You should also not forget about the entrance for the car.

There is an opinion that everyone should mind their own business. We can say with confidence that the masters of the OMI studio are doing their job. Just as any path is based on a “substrate” of sand, gravel or crushed stone, our work is based on knowledge, skills and teamwork. They seem to be invisible at first glance, but they are the foundation of high-quality work completed on time. We work for both cash and non-cash payments. The cost depends on the complexity and volume of work, but our prices are definitely lower than market prices. We work with all of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


Rock gardens
Ponds, streams
Retaining walls


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