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CNC milling cutting


The OMI company carries out orders for CNC milling work in Kyiv. We mill plywood, wood, MDF, chipboard, PVC, plexiglass, polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylic stone and other sheet materials. We professionally carry out work on artistic cutting and carving of materials, we produce any details of decorative and souvenir products. We have everything necessary to carry out wholesale volumes of milling in the shortest possible time. Our prices and our quality are the best in Kyiv.

Brief technical characteristics of the machine:

·       working field size – 2185 x 1250 mm

·       The working stroke of the cutter along the Z axis is 170 mm.

·       Spindle power – 2.2 kW.


Our services are relevant both for manufacturers of furniture and decorative interior elements, as well as for manufacturers of souvenirs, gifts, and promotional products.

We carry out 3D milling work, the cost of which is calculated based on the time spent. We carry out work strictly following drawings and layouts.



Important information for designers, developers of new ideas and know-how - we take the copyright issues of our clients seriously. We do not publish information about manufactured products or customers on the website or in our press releases without the consent of the owner. We do not transfer layouts, drawings and other information to third parties!

Payment methods:

Cash: Prepayment in the amount of 70-100% of the order amount, the balance upon receipt of the product by the customer.

Cashless payment: Prepayment in the amount of 70-100% of the order amount, the balance at the time of receipt of the product by the customer.

File requirements:

  • For 2D milling, files are provided in vector (CorelDRAW)
  • For 3D milling, files are provided in (STL) format

If you do not have prepared files to complete the work, we are ready to develop the necessary files.

File preparation (2D milling CorelDRAW format) from 100 UAH.

File preparation (3D milling STL format) from 500 UAH

The main principles of DILIGENT CARBON:

  • Precision of manufactured products.
  • High speed of the production process.
  • Optimal pricing policy.
  • Customers can see the production themselves.
  • Maximum absence of defects and careful control.

We follow the principle - Our client will not pay more than he has budgeted, and we will not make it cheaper!

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