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Memorial plaque

One of the most common options for perpetuating the memory of a person is memorial plaques, memorial plaques, a memorial plaque, making a memorial plaque for an ATO participant,  making memorial plaques for fallen soldiers - this is a monument that does not exist by itself, but is attached to some base. Most often, personalized memorial plaques are hung on houses and buildings that are in one way or another connected with the person whose name is imprinted on this plaque. This could be the house in which a person worthy of memory was born and lived, the place of his activity, or the place of his death. Also often, a memorial plaque to the hero is installed, they are placed next to monuments to historical events. Then the names of the participants in these events are immortalized on them.

Memorial plaque

Sculptors of the OMI studio are engaged in the production of memorial plaques from marble, the production of memorial plaques from gypsum, the production of memorial plaques from granite, the production of memorial plaques from copper, the production of memorial plaques from brass, the production of memorial plaques from bronze, the production of memorial plaques from plastic , memorial plaques to fallen soldiers, etc. Our experts use methods such as plaque carving, plaque engraving, plaque casting, plaque forging, plaque embossing and plaque sculpting. To place an order for the creation of a memorial plaque for a name, the client must provide text to be placed on the memorial plaque and, if necessary, a photograph of the person whose name will be immortalized on the memorial plaque.

Making memorial plaques

Our sculptors will produce memorial plaques and plaques in a short time and at an affordable price, with a guarantee for their services. The cost of the order directly depends on the material from which the memorial plaque will be made. We work throughout Ukraine, the countries of the former CIS and Europe for cash and non-cash payments.

Making all types of sculptures

Statues in the cemetery
Sculptures of angels
Gardening planters
Concrete sculptures
Monumental sculptures
Easel sculptures
Facade stucco
Wood carving
Garden and park sculptures
Plastic sculptures
Restoration of sculptures
Memorial plaque

Production of memorial plaques, memorial plaques to order in Ukraine.

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