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Decorative panel

It is human nature to decorate your home. One option is a decorative ceramic panel or, as it is often called, a fresco. This is a kind of artistic composition made of clay that has gone through certain stages of preparation, shaping, drying, glazing or painting in order to become, perhaps, the main decoration of your home.

A decorative panel is made as a separate element that exists on its own (in this case, a fastener is placed behind the panel with which it is attached to the wall), and as an element of a tiled wall composition (attached for tile adhesive). In the latter case, a decorative panel may consist of several elements that are assembled into a single composition like a puzzle. Most often, decorative panels are used in the bathroom, sauna, swimming pool and kitchen - where there is tile.

The masters of the OMI studio make decorative panels to order. Experience, skill, creativity, and imagination allow our masters to create absolutely unique frescoes. We work both from sketches provided by clients and from our own sketches. The client’s task is to indicate his wishes, and the masters of the OMI studio will prepare a visualization of the future decorative panel. We work with individuals, representatives of organizations and enterprises for cash and non-cash payments. The cost of the work depends on the complexity of the order and the volume of work, but our prices are definitely very attractive compared to market prices. Our works are located in private homes, offices in various cities of Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


Small plastic
Layers (tiles)
Decorative panel
Hot enamel


Examples of works by world masters that you can order from the OMI studio.

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