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You can save a life

Paintings copies of originals

It happens that a person saw a painting and fell in love with it completely and irrevocably, and cannot live without it. And this painting exists in a single copy and hangs in the museum. In such cases, the artists of the OMI studio are ready to help.

Custom paintings

In the workshops of the OMI studio We have our own collection of paintings and a collection of high-quality copies of works by great artists. But mostly we work to order. Our electronic archive contains a large collection of famous paintings with a full description of the features of the work. Therefore, created in the studio "OMI" copies are distinguished by high similarity and quality. The order execution time depends on the complexity of the execution, the degree of similarity of the copy to the original and the paints used to make the copy of the original. For example, paintings made with oil paints only take 10-20 days to dry. We not only make copies of the original, but also select appropriate frames and advise on transportation and storage of paintings.

Custom paintings

In addition, any painting has the property of becoming more expensive over time. Therefore, by turning to the OMI studio to make a copy of the original, the customer is investing in the future. A well-developed transport network allows us to deliver work performed by us anywhere in the world.


Copies of paintings to order.

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