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Ukraine   Kyiv
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To correctly calculate your order, you need to:

1. Attach a photo, drawing or sketch of an illustration. 
2. Indicate the exact dimensions of the product you want to order. 
3. Write what materials you would like the product to be made from, be sure to indicate the circulation of the products and the time frame for when you need it.


Order procedure:

Order procedure:

Call any of the indicated telephone numbers and our qualified specialists will advise you on any of the areas presented on the site, help you make a choice and, if necessary, arrange for a specialist to visit the site. Calls are accepted from 8-00 to 20-00. A call received after 20-00 and before 8-00 will be automatically transferred to the list of unanswered calls, and our specialists will contact you during business hours.

In most cases, our work requires direct contact with the client and a specialist visiting the site to familiarize themselves with the object and assess the scope of work. The cost of a specialist visit depends on the distance the object is located and is negotiated individually with our manager by phone.

If we have a product that is suitable for you, we are ready to provide you with a full photo and video report. If the order is approved and paid for, our specialist will prepare the parcel for shipment as soon as possible, or you can remove the goods from our workshop yourself.



We are ready to offer you any method of receiving the goods that is convenient for you: Pickup. You can pick up the finished product in one of our workshops. Delivery by our transport in Kyiv. The cost of delivery depends on the distance and size of the cargo. Delivery in Ukraine and the CIS countries is carried out by postal transport and freight carriers. Our managers will help you choose the most convenient delivery option. All goods are necessarily insured before shipment.


You can pay for your purchase in the following ways:

  • Cash payment with the courier upon delivery of your order.
  • Payment by bank transfer (for legal entities).
  • Payment for goods by crediting funds to our card account.
  • Payment at the warehouse of the postal transport company after receipt and inspection of the goods.

When placing an order for a legal entity, you must provide:

  1. Certificate of registration of an enterprise
  2. Certificate payerand VAT
  3. Stationary number of the enterprise (for tax)
  4. Name or code of the product from our website (what you want to order from us)
  5. Your mobile

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