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Oil painting

Oil painting is one of the most common painting techniques used by artists all over the world. And although its history goes back several centuries, this technique still remains very popular. In Europe, oil painting became widespread among artists thanks to the work of the Dutch artist Jan van Eyck.

Oil painting

Portraits, copies of paintings by famous masters, landscapes made with oil paints in the OMI studio always look expensive and stylish in the interior. The paints are based on a quick-drying oil, which, due to its structure, adds shine to oil painting, most often it is clarified linseed oil. Various pigments are added to give it color. Oil paints are easy to shade and allow you to achieve smooth transitions from tone to tone. After complete drying, the paints do not lose their original color over time. An example is the paintings of the great masters of the past that have survived to this day.

Oil painting

Depending on the task set by the customer, the artists of the OMI studio They paint paintings in various styles: avant-garde, expressionism, modernism, classicism, etc. You can order from us a family portrait made in oil or the creation of an antique-style family gallery, a modern landscape, or a delicious still life. Depending on the style of decoration of the room, the masters of the OMI company They will select the appropriate design for the painting and advise on the style of execution.

Oil painting

Prices for oil paintings by artists from the OMI studio vary depending on the complexity and size of the painting. But they are definitely much lower than in any other workshop. Our works in the technique of "oil painting" represented throughout Ukraine.


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