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Food cooked over a fire is not only incredibly tasty, but also healthy. Initially, our ancestors cooked over a fire and this food is more familiar and healthy for the human digestive system.

In today's conditions, special barbecue ovens are being built on private plots for cooking food over a fire. The masters of the OMI studio, depending on the client’s wishes, are engaged in the manufacture of conventional barbecue stoves and barbecue complexes. A barbecue complex may include a grill, a Russian oven, a smokehouse, a fireplace, and an oven with a cauldron. Fully equipping the complex with a sink, shelves, and cutting board will simplify the cooking process and make it possible to prepare almost any dish.

We create barbecue ovens according to customer designs and can offer our own designs. When making barbecue stoves, the masters of the OMI studio most often use brick. This material itself has a finished appearance, and neat masonry does not require any further design. Depending on the equipment of the barbecue, the masters of the OMI studio use various design solutions that allow the finished barbecue oven to harmoniously fit into the landscape design of the site. Sufficient experience allows our craftsmen to provide the client with prices below market prices and a guarantee for the manufactured barbecue stoves.


Rock gardens
Ponds, streams
Retaining walls


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