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Web development

The masters of the OMI studio are engaged in the development and creation of turnkey websites, as well as the promotion and promotion of the site in leading search engines (SEO optimization).

With the Internet an integral part of the modern world, any successful company must have a website. Today, thanks to the Internet, absolutely everything is sold - from food to real estate, and you can get many services without leaving your home. In addition, the presence of a website allows two participants in the process - the buyer and the seller - not to be tied to the location of the company. It is enough to have an “address” on the Internet. Thus, the seller, the owner of a web page on the Internet, has the opportunity to expand the company’s market presence, and the buyer, an active user of the World Wide Web, has unlimited choice. In conditions of global competition, it is not enough to have your own website. No matter how high-quality it is, it is necessary that the consumer choose it among millions of others.

All of the above tasks will be solved by the specialists of the OMI studio: website development, web design, website programming, filling the website with content, website administration, website promotion and optimization (SEO -optimization). We do not use templates; each project requires an individual solution. This allows us to achieve excellent results in our interactions with each client.

We can offer the development of a landing page for a business card website, catalog website, online store, as well as develop an individual project.

Landing page is an effective sales tool, an advertising page. The purpose of this page is to encourage action (submitting applications for calculations, applications for purchasing goods, consultation, signing up for a service, registration, downloading a price list, etc.). The landing page can be either part of the company website or work independently.

Business card is a website that provides complete information about the company and can consist of one or several pages. Most often it contains the following sections: history of the founding of the company, company management, field of activity, description of services or products, company news, photo/video gallery, contact information, feedback. A business card website allows the client to become more familiar with the company and the services (products) it provides.

The main purpose of a catalog website is a detailed presentation of all products or services offered by the company. The catalog differs from an online store in the absence of a basket for a complex order. It is rather intended to assist the manager, reducing the time required for a detailed presentation of the product (service).

Online store is a conveniently organized virtual space that allows the client to receive text and photo/video information about the product (service), perform a virtual fitting, and also, without any effort, submit a purchase request. Moreover, modern capabilities allow you to fully automate your business and reduce store maintenance costs to a minimum.

If you are not satisfied with any of the presented options, we are ready to take on the development of an individual project.

A typical example of business automation and our work on creating and optimizing a website is the web platform of the OMI studio, which today occupies a top position in search engines in its main areas and includes several components : business card website, catalog and landing page. Our main office is located on the Internet, we are ready to fulfill an application from any city in Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnepr, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv. We also accept applications from all over the world. Our integrity is guaranteed by thousands of high-quality orders completed on time, clearly presented in the news feed, as well as reviews from our clients.

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