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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Work in Ukraine

Art in Ukraine rests mainly on the enthusiasm of creative people. It was thanks to the desire to develop the culture and art of our country that we, a group of like-minded people, created the public organization “Association of Masters of Arts of Ukraine”. Or simply - OMI studio.

Work in Ukraine

We see the successful development of art precisely in the unification of masters of our country’s rich history and traditions. Therefore, we appeal to all creative people working in various directions and genres of art with an offer to join our association.

Areas of activity of the OMI studio:

- sculpture,
- ceramics,
- painting,
- restoration,
- forging,
- life-size puppets,
- props,
- voluminous advertising
- AIRSYSTEM technology
- 3D printing,
- prototyping,
- computer design,
- landscape design and much more.

By joining us, you will get an additional opportunity to work and develop creatively. We want to see in you a sense of duty, the ability to work in a team, and customer focus.

We are also ready to offer our Internet platforms for the exhibition of our creative works on mutually beneficial terms.

Artists of Ukraine, unite!

  1. The work of a sculptor.
  2. Artist's work
  3. Work of a prop maker
  4. Designer's work
  5. The work of an architect
  6. Work on artistic mosaics
  7. The work of a layout designer
  8. The work of a computer graphics artist
  9. The work of a foundry
  10. work as a blacksmith
  11. Work of a wood craftsman
For questions about work and cooperation in Ukraine, call the number.
Ukraine Kyiv, Olegovskaya street 36, ​​4th floor, office 401

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OMI studio news

Production of thematic cartoon figures and figurines as a gift from the sculptors of the OMI studio, cartoon figurine, “representative of Themis”
The production of themed cartoon figurines and figurines as gifts from the sculptors of the OMI studio again surprises its customers. An unusual and m...
Faces in masks from the masters of the OMI studio
Creating a mask is a complex multi-step process. Working with the person whose mask needs to be made significantly speeds up the process. Having made...
Kamensky Central Park will be decorated with the Alley of Lovers
On Saturday, July 9, at 14.00, a unique Alley of Lovers will open on the territory of the central park of Kamensky (Dneprodzerzhinsk). The project...
OMI masters create artistic fountains
The fountain is a fascinating sight, because you can watch the water flow endlessly. Any water source gives a delightful feeling of freshness and free...
On a hike for inspiration, rest of art masters in the Carpathians
“Joint holidays unite,” - this is the opinion of the art directors of the OMI studio, Bogdan Kazachenko and Igor Ascheulov. In June 2015, craftsmen fr...


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