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Costumed characters

Throughout his entire life, a person, regardless of age, waits for a fairy tale - this is the good thing that you want to believe in. One of the elements of a fairy tale is fairy-tale characters. They are good, evil, small, big. But they are definitely recognizable, attract attention and evoke a lot of positive emotions, which is important for holding any events with the participation of these characters.

Life size puppets

The OMI studio professionally produces life-size puppets, the prototypes of which are fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters and celebrities. We sew dolls according to our own drawings and develop patterns according to the client's order. The masters of the OMI studio work only with high-quality materials that are resistant to fading in the sun, durable, easy to clean and wash. When making dolls, we use our own equipment, which allows us to provide a long-term warranty on the operation of the product.

Life size puppets

Most often, a life-size puppet is ordered for an advertising campaign, event, or for systematic show programs. Also, the OMI studio works with advertising agencies and large companies that rent life-size dolls.

Making a life-size puppet is a rather complex, painstaking and expensive undertaking. However, the amount invested once will pay off over the years. If we compare the prices of the OMI company and any other Ukrainian company for the production of life-size dolls, then we can confidently say that OMI prices are the lowest. With the help of a transport company, we deliver to any corner of the world.



Mascot costumes to order.

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