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Architectural layouts and factory models

The masters of the OMI studio have in their practice orders for the production of architectural models and factory models. These are specific works that include the production of exact copies of production premises, all workshops, administrative buildings, infrastructure, plant territory, etc. with the development of details right up to the launch of machines. Initially, the masters of the OMI studio receive technical specifications from the customer, then they calculate several cost estimates taking into account the detail of the layout. And according to the approved project, a layout is developed.

Architectural layouts and plant models

Initially, the OMI workshop was designed to produce models of factories, processing complexes, factories, hydraulic structures from various types of plastic and other available materials. However, modern design programs make it possible to create a virtual 3D model of the plant as a whole, virtual models of all plant structures, their external and internal appearance, with the removal of building elements into a separate layout. Therefore, such a service has appeared in our arsenal of capabilities - virtual prototyping. The cost of work for the production of a plant model is determined after discussing the details of the order and receiving the technical specifications.

Architectural layouts and plant models


Architectural layouts and models of residential buildings
Architectural layouts and models of complexes
Architectural layouts and models of industrial enterprises
Architectural layouts and models of factories
Architectural layouts and models of cottages
Architectural models and models of cottage settlements
Architectural layouts and interior models
Town planning layouts and models
Training mockups for students
Landscape mockups
Advertising layouts
Layouts of architectural structures and details
Development and creation of project documentation
Creating computer visualization
Creating videos

Making factory layouts.

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