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Painting in the bedroom

The professionalism of the graphic designer of the OMI studio lies not in the fact that he can draw beautifully, but in the fact that he skillfully selects a plot that fully corresponds to the place where the image is applied and the color range of room decoration.

Painting in the bedroom

So, artistic painting in the bedroom should be done in bed colors and not contain any aggressive or frightening motifs. It is, first of all, designed to make your home cozy and original, a place where you want to relax. The masters of the OMI studio most often recommend to their customers to use plant motifs, images of flowers or landscapes when decorating a bedroom. A drawing inscribed in a niche or drawn above the bed, as well as a painting painted directly on the wall and framed, looks original.

The artistic painting of the ceiling in the bedroom is extremely popular among the customers of the OMI studio. In this case, the image often contains artistic ornaments, curls, geometric patterns and intricate smooth interweaving of lines. Also a favorite artistic image on the ceiling are clouds, so similar in appearance to lambs...

Painting in the bedroom

The price of artistic painting in the bedroom is determined based on the size of the image, the artistic detail of the drawing, as well as the paints used in the work. A special place in determining the cost of work has the degree of surface preparation.

For the mobile teams of our artistic masters, there is no concept of linking the place of work to the location of the OMI studio office. Call and order artistic painting in the bedroom - we'll make an agreement!


Art painting in the bedroom to order.

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