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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Cartoon figurine to order: a successful businessman
Custom caricature figurines are deservedly gaining popularity among our customers. This is not surprising, because such a gift will certainly pleasant...
Memorial plaques made of bronze to order.
A custom-made bronze plaque from the Institute of Sorption and Endoecology Problems of the National Academy of Sciences was made in the OMI studio....
Looking into the distance, a garden and park sculpture made of glass plastic with bronze tinting from the sculptors of the OMI studio
The sculptural workshop of the OMI Studio created a garden and park sculptural composition of a person, made of fiberglass. “Sculpture Looking into th...
Custom-made thematic sculpture “In search of your true self”
“In search of the real me” - this is the name given to the sculpture, which was created by the masters of the OMI studio. The product is made entirely...
Modern Cossack Mamai: the first mural in Kropyvnytskyi was created by the OMI judge
A huge image of the Cossack Mamai, covering an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, decorated the facade of a gray high-rise building in Kropyvnytsk...


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