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Advertising pillars

Advertising pillar, production of advertising pillars, volumetric pillars, street pillars, interior pillars, remote pillars. The masters of the OMI studio are engaged in the production of custom-made advertising signs. Volumetric pillars are one of the types of advertising structures, which are usually used to place information in the immediate vicinity of the advertising object - a store, cafe, exhibition center, etc. A pavement sign is often called a passing sign or a stumbling block. It received this name because it is usually installed along the path of a pedestrian to attract his attention.

Advertising pillar

The purpose of this type of inexpensive long-term advertising is to draw attention to the advertising object or product (service) presented in it. All information should be placed at the level of a person’s gaze, but the appearance of the structure should not cause irritation. Order a sign: the production of an advertising sign contains several stages: developing a concept, creating a visualization, determining the dimensions of the structure and the area of ​​the plane on which the information will be presented, the method of applying the information, the choice of material, the creation process itself.

Advertising pillar

The price of an advertising sign is formed from all of the above factors. Delivery costs are negotiated separately. Production facilities are located in Kyiv, we have representative offices in many parts of Ukraine, we work with customers from the CIS countries and Europe.


Custom advertising sign. Production of advertising signs. Order a pillar

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