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This site presents works, capabilities  and potential of the masters of the Omi studio, an associations of art masters. Young, but already having extensive experience in the field of sculpture, architecture, art and computer graphics masters have united under this short and capacious name. Our youth and creativity allow you to see uniqueness in ordinary things to submit an “a la antiquities” order at the angle of modernity and vice versa mixing modernity with elements of ancient wisdom.

At our disposal we have our own equipped workshops to create masterpieces of sculptural and architectural art, varieties of painting and graphics, restore them, create architectural layouts, props, scenery, advertising structures, and forging masterpieces. In our arsenal there is a park of computer equipment which is remarkable for operation speed and great memory. Highly professional artists, sculptors, property-men, designers, architects, blacksmiths, computer graphics and landscape design specialists work on simple and complex orders. Team work, mutual assistance, constant advanced training allow us to fulfill any tasks, find non-standard solutions, and comprehensively approach the task. This significantly reduces the term of execution of the order.

In our work, we are guided by the golden rule: we are not just listening, we hear the client. If necessary, we present to the customer a daily report on the work done in any form convenient for him. Constant interaction with the client allows you to avoid inaccuracies, change the details in the course of work and achieve the desired results.

Sufficient experience of the masters of the OMI studio allows us to provide our customers with services with a guarantee and at the best prices. We are not stopped by the borders of the state. We work with customers from all the countries of the CIS and Europe.

Any idea of yours can surprise the world, if it is brought into fulfillment by the masters of the OMI Studio.

OMI Studio News

Production of topiary figures from artificial turf to order.
Topiary making is an art that attracts the attention of many people who are looking for decoration for their home, garden, business or event. If you w...
Grace in light: Plastic gardening light sculptures from OMI studio
Welcome to the wonderful world of plastic garden light sculptures created and installed by OMI studio! Our studio is proud to present a collec...
Studio "OMI" VS Lina Condes: new sculpture in the style of "contemporary art"
Continuing the collaboration with the famous artist and designer Lina Condes, the masters of the OMI studio became co-authors in the implementation of...

Our Clients

Hundreds of successful projects are dozens of successful customers:




manufacturing sculptures
sculptures from gypsum
gypsum products
art casting
elite monuments
gypsum columns
manufacturing balusters
art modeling
gypsum stucco molding
manufacturing figurines
bronze sculpture
decorative sculptures
sculptures from sandstone
marble sculptures
wooden sculptures
granite products
marble products
granite sculptures
gypsum figures
granite figures
bronze figures
marble figures
bronze products
exclusive monuments
casting from cast iron
forged sculptures
animal sculptures
animal statues
monuments to the grave
polygonal sculptures
ritual sculpture
topiar sculptures
statues in the cemetery
sculptures of angels
garden park vasons
concrete sculptures
monumental sculptures
easel sculptures
facade stucco stucco
wood carving
garden and park sculptures
plastic sculptures
restoration of sculptures
memorial plaque





Computer Graphics

Ceramics Landscape design
3D modeling
business graphics
design graphics
illustrative graphics
computer animation
art graphics
advertising graphics
small plastic
layers (tiles)
decorative panel
hot enamel
water bodies, streams
retaining walls


Architectural layouts and models of residential buildings
Architectural layouts and models of complexes
Architectural layouts and models of production enterprises
Architectural layouts and models of factories
Architectural layouts and models of cottages
Architectural layouts and models of cottage villages
Architectural layouts and interiors' models
Urban planning layouts and models
Training layouts for students
Landscape mock-ups
Advertising layouts
Models of architectural structures and details
Development and creation of project documentation
Creating computer visualization
Creating videos


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OMI studio news

Cartoon figurines based on the photo “football player”: an amazing gift
We know exactly how to surprise even the most experienced person. Therefore, if you are in doubt about what gift to choose for a friend or colleague,...
Production of topiary figures from artificial turf to order.
Topiary making is an art that attracts the attention of many people who are looking for decoration for their home, garden, business or event. If you w...
Masters of "OMI": mosaic is complex and beautiful
For the masters of the OMI studio, nothing is impossible when it comes to art and creativity. Artistic mosaic is a sophisticated form of fine art, com...
Production of sculptural sketches for replication
The team of masters at the OMI studio includes talented sculptors who are always ready to share their creative vision with a wide audience. The...
Life-size fox puppet for school All right, sewing life-size puppets.
Little fox puppet for the All right school The friendly little fox Charlie is a character that is well known to all students of the “All right” Englis...


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