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Custom graffiti

Graffiti is a form of fine art, any drawn, scratched, written public message on walls, asphalt and other surfaces. Graffiti has been known since ancient times, when the ancient inhabitants of the globe left messages in the form of rock paintings. In the form in which graffiti exists today, this type of art arose spontaneously and was expressed in the artist’s desire to reflect in the drawing his opinion regarding various social problems.

Custom graffiti

Today, graffiti is recognized throughout the world and is widely used to decorate buildings. The masters of the OMI studio create custom graffiti. We can create a thematic design that will harmoniously fit into the surrounding environment. We can use the features of the structure to create graffiti and play up existing wall defects. The masters of the OMI studio will offer the customer their own plot or accurately reproduce the client’s picture. Graffiti can be an excellent decoration for the facades of shops, institutions, technical structures, private houses and fences, etc. In our work we mainly use acrylic paints and spray paints. We create in various styles.

Custom graffiti

We work for both cash and non-cash payments at prices below market prices. Our customers live in Ukraine, European and CIS countries.


Custom graffiti.

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