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Artistic advertising painting

Boring advertising boards and banners of the same type most often do not cause interest in people (as it should be), but rather irritation and denial. The huge amount of advertising that falls on a person every day is simply not perceived by him anymore. It would seem very difficult to come up with an effective means of advertising that not only attracts attention, but also arouses admiration. But the masters of the OMI studio have a couple of “trump cards up their sleeves,” or rather, a couple of creative ideas.
Artistic advertising painting is a new and non-standard solution for promoting your business. The masters of the OMI studio offer advertising painting of external and internal walls of buildings. This could be a huge mural on the facade of your office building, or internal branded design. The main advantage of this method is that it is a non-standard approach. Moreover, advertising made in the form of artistic painting will undoubtedly add status to the promoted brand. Depending on the specifics of the advertised product or service, our specialists will help you choose the appropriate painting option: mural, graffiti, decoration or interior painting.
Execution of artistic advertising painting by masters of the OMI studio is an individual approach to each client. The sketch is created in close cooperation with the customer. A plot is being developed that will necessarily contain the logo of the advertised brand. In the process of creating a painting, it is possible to use various artistic techniques.
The advantage of artistic advertising painting is also that it is worked on by real artists who are fluent in all areas of fine art. This means that it will no longer be just an advertisement, but a real work of art. And as you know, people love beauty, they love when their city becomes brighter, and modern painting has long gone beyond galleries, so people are delighted with colorful murals on the gray walls of houses. Therefore, advertising art painting is an excellent alternative to primitive banners and billboards.


Artistic advertising painting

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