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Ponds, streams

Ponds, streams

It is known that for calm and relaxation a person needs to look at the water and hear the sound of moving water. Therefore, in order to feel as comfortable as possible in your garden plot, the masters of the OMI studio recommend creating a pond and/or a babbling stream.

First, we decide on the reservoir, taking into account the characteristics of the site: location, size, depth. The specialists of the OMI studio carry out all the work on a turnkey basis, or, at the request of the customer, some stages of the work. We select the design, green spaces, algae, and inhabitants of the reservoir. In the future, specialists from the OMI studio can carry out work on full or partial maintenance of the created reservoir. Also, in the case when the customer wants to make a pond on his own, we carry out consulting and design work.

How nice it is on a hot summer day to put your hand in the cool water of a stream that flows in your garden. The next stage of landscaping the site is the creation of an artificial stream as close as possible to the appearance of a natural one. The main task at this stage is to create a stream flow. For these purposes, pumping equipment is installed in a ready-made reservoir, which is connected by pipes to the source of the stream. And in this way, circulation occurs in the system, which does not allow the water to stagnate and saturates it with oxygen. At the initial stage, the masters of the OMI studio lay out the route of the stream, width, design, select pumping equipment, and determine the creation of drops and mini-waterfalls, which create the unique murmur of the stream. Thanks to a high level of professionalism and constant improvement of our skills, we can offer our clients absolutely unique solutions. The masters of the OMI studio provide the customer with a guarantee for their services. The low cost of work and the mobility of our specialists make it possible for us to cooperate not only with customers from Ukraine, but also from all CIS countries and Europe.


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Ponds, streams
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